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In Finland, women are the ones who suffer the most from domestic violence and intimate partner violence.
According to Statistics Finland's data, there were 10,600 victims in domestic violence and intimate partner violence offenses reported to the authorities in 2019, which is seven percent more than in the previous year. In domestic violence and intimate partner violence directed at adults, one-half took place between married or cohabiting couples. Of adult victims, 76.8 percent were women. Of all victims, 24.6 percent were minors. Of adult victims, 76.8 percent were women. Of all suspects, 78.2 percent were men.

The statistics include only cases reported to the authorities, by no means all cases of domestic violence and intimate partner violence are reported to the authorities.*

Todist-H is the representation of a House, a house as the place where violence is often present. The space you should feel safe in can become a cage it is hard to escape from without help.
The door frame, the mailbox, the roof are all familiar and warm archetypes. But through the outline of the house, without walls, you can see which tragedy is happening inside. Let’s work together to untie the ropes and break the bonds that many victims of violence experience.
The installation aims to collect testimonies, thoughts, suggestions, in order to bring attention to a topic it is still taboo for many.
Victims of violence often know there are ways and tools to break free from these situations, but once trapped it is really hard to scream for help. Todist-H wants to encourage people to read the signs of violence they might see and help people out of it, to create awareness around voices that must not remain silent.
We encourage people to write about it, to share experiences, to help other people understand what violence is about.


Todist-H at Oodi Central Library, 17-29 November 2020

On the walls of Todist-H, you'll find Love Notes, a photo reportage by Alessandro Rampazzo that narrates the story of Nita, a Finnish woman and mother who, after suffering domestic violence for almost four years, decides to break up and get back hers and her kid's life. Love Notes has received the Honourable Mention in the Finnish Press Photo Award 2020 by Kuvajournalistit.


Hanging from the ceiling's beams you'll find Rajat. This is the result of the therapeutic writing workshop held by Aija Salovaara and Jenny Hurmerinta during our program of events "We Want We Do" (2020). During the workshop, the participants were able to immerse themselves in a safe and gentle atmosphere to address their feelings, memories, and experiences: the anonymous texts can be read in the installation.


This installation is currently itinerant: if you want to host it or you're interested in collaborating send us an email.

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